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New York’s legendary Dyckman league hosts playoffs

New York’s legendary Dyckman league hosts playoffs

BBeing apart of the LA Basketball scene for years has opened up the doors to amazing opportunities and experiences. Everything from the Drew League, Real Run, JBL, Ball Up and the list goes on. One thing I haven’t been able to experience while being in New York was their local basketball scene. New York is known as the Mecca of basketball and has some iconic courts around the city. Everything from Dyckman to Rucker to Pro City, you can catch some great games with some amazing talent. I was in town filming the newest member of the Brooklyn Nets, Chris McCullough, for Thru The Lens. After talking with him more about Pro-Am basketball, he suggested I come check out the Dyckman league with him. After I finished working some of the Elite 24 events, I hopped on a train and headed north to the legendary Dyckaman court. I had a great time and everyone showed me so much love. I also ran into a former Long Beach State player that I had shot years ago *Small world*. Stars like French Montana and Juelz Santana were coaching their teams in the league as well! I had a great time and will definitely be back for more!



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