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Thru The Lens: Episode 4 – Day in the Life of Nick Young
Day in the Life with Nick Young

Thru The Lens: Episode 4 – Day in the Life of Nick Young


TThis was the first episode I ever filmed for my web series, Thru the Lens. Nick Young had just returned home from his season in Philadelphia and was getting ready for the summer of free agency. He went on to be signed by the LA Lakers and has become one of the most lovable players in LA. In this episode, we follow not just Nick, but his assistant Adrian (aka Big Meat). This duo had me laughing non stop throughout the entire day. This webseries is made to give a more intimate look into the lives of some of your favorite athletes and entertainers. Instead of looking at the life of someone, I invite you to spend a day alongside them. This episode has everything from a sneak peak of Nick’s shoe collection, what he eats for breakfast, taking a trip to visit his parents, walking through USC and a hilarious bet at the end to figure out if the In N Out in Hollywood is closer to LaBrea or Highland. Check out the episode below and let me know your thoughts! More episodes coming soon!



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