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Serbian National TV interviews Cassy Athena

Serbian National TV interviews Cassy Athena

II spent the last 2 weeks in Serbia and had an amazing time! (more updates coming soon!) While I was there, I had the opportunity to connect with Tamara Rakic for Svet Sport on RTS. RTS is the oldest and largest national television network in Serbia. The studio, located in downtown Belgrade, was amazing! They filmed and edited the interview very fast and I was able to see myself on TV while I was there! It was an amazing feeling being able to make an impact across the world – especially in the country my family came from! I got to talk about being part Serbian, how I started taking pics in the Drew League, working with Stephen Curry at all star weekend, filming Quincy Miller in Serbia and talking about my Thru The Lens web series!

The interview is in Serbian but click the photo below to check it out!!! Hvala Tamara i RTS!!



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