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Thru The Lens: Hanging with Larry Sanders

Thru The Lens: Hanging with Larry Sanders

NNBA Star Larry Sanders has recently been the talk of many headlines with his decision to leave the NBA in the middle of his 4 year contract of $44 million. Many people have questioned his decision, which he explained a small piece of why he left in recent interview online.


Within a week of that video being released, I met up with Larry in Beverly Hills, CA, to hang out and take some pictures. After talking with him and hearing more about his story and his personal life, we decide to film some footage to get to know HIM better as a person and not just a basketball player.

This is the first video of many more to come! Larry Sanders is a really awesome person and I’m glad I had the opportunity to get to know him better. Check out the episode and the photo gallery below!


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