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Drake hosts ESPYS, including hilarious skits
Drew League Fashion: Week 01

Drake hosts ESPYS, including hilarious skits

TTonight as everyone tuned into the ESPYs, one of the highlights was Drake hosting and carrying the show throughout the night. Drake is beyond talented – from music to acting to hosting. Tonight included everything from a Drake vs Blake war, songs about side pieces and honorable mentions, as well as a kiss from his crush, WNBA star Skylar Diggins. Check out the hilarious videos below:



Drew League Fashion: Week 01

I‘m introducing a new section to spice up the Drew League photography I have – I’ll be including posts every week displaying fashion around the Drew League – From Athletes, to staff and more!

This year the Drew League revealed a new design for their jerseys – Each team had the opportunity to chose a team color. The “home” jerseys say “Drew League” in the front, while the “away” jerseys say the team name. The Game’s team, La Familia, has a jersey set unique to any other team. So far we have only seen one color way – a black jersey with gold writing saying “La Familia”. Once their alternative jerseys are revealed, I’ll be sure to post a picture of those as well. Aside from the variety of jerseys, you can find a unique style of fashion, from head to toe. Sneakers are one of the biggest expressions at these games – seeing what “heat” these players will bring out is always a surprise.

My favorite mix is the return of the “Drew Crew” shirts. During the 2011 season, the drew league staff members would rock the “Drew Crew” shirts. This year, with Nike in the mix, they created a new design for these shirts for the staff to wear.

Because this is the first post, it will just be a teaser – next week we will come full force with even more content, so stay tuned!







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