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Ball is Life hosts All American Highschool game

Ball is Life hosts All American Highschool game


With the 2013-2014 basketball season coming to an end, there was one final showcase game held this past weekend in Long Beach, CA. Ball is Life held their 4th annual showcase game for Highschool Talent. Most people know of the Under Armour Elite 24, Adidas McDonalds All American and the Jordan Brand Classic. Although held throughout different dates during the season, those 3 showcase games have almost identical rosters. Ball is Life tries to go beyond that roster – to showcase the top talent that is sometimes overlooked and underrated. Although many of the players in this game have also played in the other major high school showcase games, there were some additional faces that were seen for the first time.

Unfortunately, Cliff Alexander, Jordan McLaughlin and Kelly Oubre were not able to play for various reason. Other than that, the players who did play certainly put on a great game. The halftime performance was by up-and-coming rapper, Casey Veggies. Overall the event was well put together and I look forward to seeing how it grows in years to come! Check out the gallery of pictures below:


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