Battle of the West: The Drew League vs Seattle Pro Am

EElectrifying. Two of the most prominent NBA summer leagues face off against each other in a heated battle for bragging rights of the West. This was the first time two pro-ams got together since the NBA lockout in 2011. On August 28th, the Drew League cast of all stars featuring Baron Davis, Stanley Johnson, Trevor Ariza, Bobby Brown, Dorell Wright, Pooh Jeter, Malcolm Thomas, Dijon Thompson and Kwame Alexander made the trip to Seattle Pacific University to face off against the Seattle Pro Am, with guys like Isaiah Thomas, Jamal Crawford, Zach LaVine and Nate Robinson. Hours before tip off, the line was wrapped around the block and down the street.

The warm ups started off big, watching guys like Zach LaVine, Kwame Alexander and Stanley Johnson throwing down big dunks. However, once the game started, Jamal Crawford’s handles were on full display; while Bobby Brown’s hesitation moves seemed un guard-able. Players pulled all types of tricks out of their bag, like Nate Robinson going baseline through a defenders leg for an awkward backwards layup, or when  5’9″ Isaiah Thomas rejected 6’8 Trevor Ariza’s dunk attempt. The Drew League wasn’t short of their action shots – with Stanley Johnson and Malcolm Thomas doing monster dunks over players, or Baron Davis deciding to step down from coaching and join the game! There were some close calls and some questionable plays, but ultimately Seattle walked away with the win 135-124.

Next summer the Seattle team will be coming to Los Angeles to play the Drew League! Looking forward to it. Check out the photo gallery below!


Article by: Sam Hoggs

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