Imperial Courts annual game honors Brandon Jennings and Mark Hill

LLos Angeles is a very large city that ranges from all types of people. Some parts of the city are more explored than others. A rare look into the Los Angeles projects is something hardly seen, especially being shown in a positive light. Compton native and NBA star Brandon Jennings wanted to change this a few years ago. He decided one night to show up at the Imperial Courts projects in Watts and surprise all the fans with a visit from an NBA player. He is the first player that came to play in a game in that area – and it was amazing! Brandon, along with Imperial Courts native/Pro Basketball player, Mark Hill, put together a game for all the community to enjoy. Everyone loved seeing it – so much so that they decided to make it an annual event. The next year they brought out Nick Young, Dorell Wright, JaVale McGee, Jerome Jordan and more. This year Brandon was not able to make the game due to rehabbing from an in-season injury, but Mark Hill continued the game. Mark, along with Joee Evans, put together another year of the event, including talented pro players, local guys, DJ’s and photographers. The game ended with a game winning shot by Mark Hill, complete with everyone rushing the court to congratulate him! Joee presented awards for Mark and Brandon to commend all that they do to give back to the community in Los Angeles. It’s a great cause and I was honored to be apart of it again! Check out the photos below


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