Don Benjamin hosts 2nd annual Basketball Game

SSupermodel/Recording Artist Don Benjamin partnered with Jude Thomas/Hollywood Hoops to host his second annual basketball. This game has grown a lot since his first one – including a full roster of celebrity players, sponsors and media outlets. Many familiar faces were there, including Don Benjamin, Anthony Lewis, Kalin (Kalin and Myles), Bone Collector, Rome Flynn, Brittney Elena, Anthony Starr, Joe Moses, Chris Staples, Gary “Thunder Dunker”, instagram sensastions A Town, Welven and Yulema. Leuzinger High School hosted the event and they put together a team of very talented local basketball players.

It was very entertaining – from dance contests to halftime performances, the game did not disappoint. The Leuzinger team came out with the win, but not without Bone Collector showing up at halftime and giving them a hard time the second half! It was great to be apart of all the fun, be sure to check out the photo gallery below!


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