NBA All Star Weekend: All Star Game

TThe most anticipated part of the entire weekend is of course the All Star game! The event took place at Madison Square Garden in front of a packed arena! The star studded event didn’t just include the stars on the court – the stands were filled with all kinds of familiar faces in the entertainment and sports world. It’s always fun watching the all star game because you can see how some of your favorite players would play on the same team – something we wouldn’t normally get to see throughout the regular season. These matchups and teammates made it a very interesting game to watch. Especially on the west – Stephen Curry and Chris Paul dishing assists – watching Russell Westbrook score everything coming his way as well! The game ended with the West taking the victory, as well as Russell winning MVP with 41 points! The second highest scorer ever in an All Star game (Off by 1 point for the most number!) It was a fun event to get to see live, make sure to check out the highlights on


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