Footlocker hosts Stephen Curry Signing for Curry One Launch

AAnother fun part about All Star Weekend is the opportunity for fans to meet their favorite players! Some of the players involved with the All Star Weekend activities (and even some that were just in town visiting) were doing signings for the fans that wanted to come out and get an autograph and say hi. Under Armour set up a signing for Stephen Curry at the Footlocker on 34th street. Today was also the first day launch of the Curry One! I arrived at 8am and there was already a long line in the FREEZING weather! The event started at 9am and the line had grown even more – stretching all the way down the street. Stephen was able to get through the entire line and greet everyone that had waited for him. On his way out, he made sure to high-five and say hi to the fans that were waiting outside to say hi as he left. Congrats Stephen! Check out the pictures below:


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