Drew League Playoffs kick off with upsets

TThe Drew League playoffs officially kicked off last weekend. There were upsets left and right – teams that were expected to go through didn’t, while other teams that weren’t on the radar rose to the occasion. Saturday was filled with a lot of excitement.

Coming from the team USA game in Vegas the night before where Paul George had a horrible injury, it was understandable that NBA players might not want to continue playing immediately the next day. James Harden and DeMar DeRozan were on the sidelines checking out the action, as well as Dorell Wright. La Familia was missing DeMar, JR Smith and Ron Artest. It hurt them and they took the loss to the Jaguars. Next up was Nick Young’s team – he did play, but without Paul George or Gilbert Arenas, they too fell to Hank’s Houdini’s All-Stars. The next game was a classic rematch of the two teams responsible for the past 5 years of championships – Citi Team Blazers vs The Clozers (formerly LAUNFD) This was an extremely close game but it came down to the Blazers taking the win. Sunday was the next round of playoffs which knocked out most of the teams. The teams left that will compete for the championship are Cheaters 1 vs Houdini’s All-Stars and Cheaters 2 vs COA. You don’t want to miss the final games! It will be great basketball

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