Team USA Las Vegas Scrimmage

FFriday night was the first scrimmage for Team USA. The game started off good, as this was the big return game of Derrick Rose. The energy in the building was great – as everyone in the building cheered for every basket. There were no sides, this was just all Americans coming together to represent USA Basketball. The first half was solid, with lots of exciting plays. To end the first half, Damian Lillard hit nearly a full court buzzer beating shot that got the crowd at an all time high for excitement. The third quarter continued with great action and finally the fourth quarter. Paul George went down with a horrible leg injury – the bone broke right in half upon landing after his attempt to block a layup. It was hard to witness but Paul George is one of the strongest players I’ve met – mentally he will come back and be greater than ever. To see the reaction pictures of the players after Paul’s injury, click here.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to a speedy recovery. To see the pictures from the game, click the photo gallery below!




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