Team USA reacts to Paul George injury

TTonight a horrible freak accident occurred at the Team USA scrimmage. After a week full of good spirits and fun plays, everyone was looking forward to the first Team USA scrimmage of this year. The entire game was going well until the 4th quarter. James Harden was going up for a layup and Paul fouled him. From my angle (I was at the opposite basket) I saw DeMarcus Cousins walk over and start telling us “it’s broken! it’s broken!” he looked extremely upset. Thanks to social media, I quickly saw the picture that had gone viral of Paul’s injury and I immediately was sick to my stomach. It was hard for me to see my friend laying on the ground in pain, along with all the players reactions of clearly being beyond disturbed. I snapped a few pictures of the aftermath. The most important reason for posting this is to ask everyone to please Pray for Paul. He is an amazing person. He is in good spirits right now and will be coming back stronger than ever. Love you Paul!!!



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Watch this video from Hoopmixtape recapping some of the moments

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