Paul George hosts 4th Annual Camp in Los Angeles

CCalifornia native, Paul George, hosted his 4th annual camp here in Los Angeles. Each year the camp has grown in size, as well as moving to Herittage Christian school. The camp started off at 9AM with the kids lined up doing warm ups, running drills and learning various basketball skills. When Paul arrived the kids were beyond excited to see him. Paul was more than happy to interact with all of the kids, giving out high-fives and words of encouragement. After lunch, the kids worked on their scrimmaging skills, getting to play one another in mini-games around the court. Paul brought out Oklahoma City Thunder rising star Reggie Jackson as a guest speaker for the camp. Before the camp came to an end, there was a big scrimmage game that included Paul and Reggie playing against some of the kids who had played well throughout the day. Many of the kids were really showing off their basketball skills, making it an exciting matchup of tricky jump shots and crossover. Paul also did two big dunks in the game that got the crowd going wild! To finish the day off, every camper got a chance to take a photo and get an autograph from Paul, which made the day even more special for everyone who came out.

This year Paul also introduced his first camp in Indiana which we were told included roughly 500 local kids who were more than excited to be around the Pacers star. Check out the photo gallery below and stay tuned for an exciting video recap of the camp!



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To see pictures from Paul’s camp last year, click here


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