Drew League Week 08 – Sunday: NBA stars ball out, including Paul George’s 360 windmill dunk!

SSunday’s action at the Drew League continued with even more surprises and action. It started out with No Shnacks taking a much needed win over The Game’s second team, Robinhood Project. In the past years, No Shnacks has had a variety of NBA players, including Darren Collison and Jamaal Franklin. No league players showed up for this game. Jordan Richard for No Shnacks had 6 really big blocks in the game. Keep an eye out for this team to go far this season. The biggest surprise for the crowd was the appearance of NBA All Star Paul George. Paul is no stranger to the Drew League – he was a regular participant two years ago. Paul joined Nick Young’s team, M.H.P. The two of them working together was an amazing combo and a blow out of the other team to say the least! The final score was 91-67. On a fast break, Paul George took the opportunity to do a 360 windmill slam dunk that brought the entire building to their feet applauding. It will be interesting to see how this team does against other teams coming up.

The excitement wasn’t over – The Game’s main team, La Familia, went up against Javale McGee’s #Juglife. Javale wasn’t able to play (nor did he show up) but he had his Denver Nuggets teammate Quincy Miller come join their team. La Familia is on a 4 game losing streak and they needed to pull out the big guns this time – The Game brought out NBA star Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest. Ron’s son also came along to play for the team. This was Quincy Miller’s first appearance in the Drew League and he definitely left that gym with every single person knowing his name. He was hitting acrobatic shots, blocking dunks and putting on a show. Ron Artest didn’t back down and held the lead for La Familia. The game ended in a close score but La Familia took the victory 82-74.

This was a great weekend to not only see NBA stars but for basketball in general. The rest of this summer will only continue to get better! Check out the photo galleries below:



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