Drew League Week 08 – Saturday: Brandon Jennings scores 57 points!

TThe week has finally come – NBA players are officially in free agency and are allowed to played in the summer leagues – The anticipation on Saturday to see who would show up was in full effect! NBA legend and Drew League regular, Baron Davis, started off the morning playing with Cheaters. NWA took on Cheaters 2 for an exciting match – including the NWA duo of Jonathan Gibson and Charles Garcia going against Cheaters 2 with big men Ryan Watkins and Kenny Lawson Jr. The came the biggest game of the day – The Clozers vs Sole Clinics. Austin Daye and Brandon Jennings teamed up with Marcus Williams for Clozers, while Derrick Williams and Stanley Johnson teamed up for Sole Clinics. It was a great matchup between the two teams. Brandon Jennings started hitting a lot of really crazy jumpers and it just continued…he was unstoppable. By the end of the game, Brandon finished with nearly 60 points! Also seeing Stanley Johnson go up against NBA guys is truly amazing – he is NBA ready right now! The Clozers took the win 107 – 84. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the summer goes now with the mixture of NBA talent among the teams! Check out the photo gallery below



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