BET Experience hosts insane slam dunk contest!!

SSunday at the BET experience included more basketball action inside the convention center – this time it included some of the best dunkers in the world. Sprite brought out the best dunkers to go face to face in a crazy slam dunk contest. Two of the craziest dunks of the contest included Guy Dupuy aka Frequent Flyer from France dunking over 6 people! To make things even crazier, Haneef Munir aka Young Hollywood made the crowd go wild! I am very familiar with Young Hollywood and his dunks – if you recall, last year the the 5’10” high flyer dunked over Blake Griffin in a glow-in-the-dark dunk spectacular. This time he brought out a female wearing heels to dunk over. To make it even crazier, he had her stand on a chair! After 2 failed attempts, the people running the show said due to time limitations they had to move on. The crowd was anticipating seeing this dunk go through and with the pressure of the fans, they agreed to let him have another go at it. He came through in an AMAZING dunk! By far one of the best dunks I’ve seen to date.

The contest rules were very unorganized. It had been an elimination process up until this point, leaving just Young Hollywood and Frequent Flyer. Out of no where, they said they want to have a dunk off and have all the guys come back to do another dunk. At the end they crowned Guy Dupuy the winner of the contest. All of the guys are extremely talented and Guy did do some awesome dunks, the best dunk of the night goes to Young Hollywood.

After the dunk contest, the best street ballers from Los Angeles came out to play. It included players from Venice Beach League, Ball Up and more. Make sure to check out the footage and all the pictures!



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To view Full Screen images, click the  above

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