Eric Bellinger, Mack Wilds, Cam Cam and more perform at BET Experience

DDowntown LA was full of a variety of different events being put on by BET. Other than the basketball events I was apart of, I made sure to check out a few concerts as well! I got a first look at bay area artist Cam Cam. I had heard about him through social networks and via youtube, but I finally got a chance to see him perform live. He did a great job! His music was really energetic and got the crowd excited. Not only did he perform on the mic, he danced along with his 4 choreographed dancers. He is a newer artist on the rise and after checking him out, he is an overall entertainer. I look forward to seeing what’s next for him. I got a chance to interview him which will be posted soon.

I headed over to the Nissan stage just in time to watch Eric Bellinger perform. Seeing his career as an artist continue to grow has been a really inspiring and exciting thing to be apart of! His live performances are great – not only are all of his songs amazing, but he has 4 amazing dancers to compliment his performance. He also brought out a special guest, Mase. The two of them recently released a new single together, be sure to check it out.

Last but not leased I stayed for the Mack Wilds show. (Him and Eric Bellinger had the coolest shoes I saw that day) I am still new to the music world and this was my first time hearing Mack’s music. He is a really talented singer and he won me over as a new fan! He had the crowd going wild with his smooth lyrics and charming looks. Be sure to check out the picture gallery below!



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Eric Bellinger ft Mase (video)


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