Drew League Week 05 – Sunday

Sunday was a busy day for the Drew League! The gym was full of Fathers with their kids to celebrate Father’s Day activities watching basketball. NBA Veteran Mychal Thompson came to the first game of the day to watch his son Mychel Thompson play. Accompanied with him was Mychel’s brother, Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors). The NCAA and NBA have strict rules about when players can join summer league activities. Today was the first day that College students were allowed to play. The games were really great – more than 4 games went into Overtime or Double Overtime. Nick Young (LA Lakers) came to coach his team, bringing with him Nick Young Jr. Cali Dream was also in the building to support her dad, The Game, during his game. The final matchup of the day was the “Monster Matchup” Game of the Day – Houdini’s All-Stars vs La Familia. The team chemistry of the All-Stars is one that is hard to match – They run solid structured plays and each player plays their role. They went on to defeat La Familia by 41 points. I personally would have liked to see this matchup after July 1st when the NBA players joined up. It was a great day of games and I look forward to whats to come this summer!

Because I only made it out for Fathers Day this weekend, I am posting double the pictures from Sunday. Check out the galleries below



Gallery 01: Tradition vs Problems, Robinhood Project vs Hank’s Panthers, Stingrays vs MHP

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Gallery 02:  La Familia vs Houdini’s All-Stars

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