Drew League Week 03 – Sunday

Sunday at the Drew League was a great day! I was at the Pangos All-American Camp during the morning/afternoon, but after I headed over to the Drew League right to catch La Familia playing LA Loop. Anyone who has ever seen this team play, they know exactly who Kwame Alexander is. For those of you that didn’t know who he is – you know now. La Familia has gone undefeated the first 2 weeks of the Drew League by barely winning in the 4th quarter. This game was much different – with a steady lead towards the end of the 4th quarter, The Game had an open look at the basket and decided to throw the ball off the backboard for Kwame to dunk. The crowd went WILD! All of Kwame’s dunks are very high energy and intense, but this play was the highlight of the weekend! La Familia took the win for their 3rd week straight. The last game of the day was Kings of LA vs Robinhood Project. As the clock winded down, it looked as though Robinhood Project had secured a win – they underestimated one thing; Bobby Brown. He QUICKLY hit 2 3-pointers, changing the entire momentum of the game. Time had run out before they could take the lead, leaving Robinhood Project with the win. These next few weeks a lot will be changing – Highschool and College Players will be allowed to play, making the mix much more interesting!

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Kwame Alexander’s Dunk:


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