Drew League Week 02 – Saturday

The first week of the 41st season of the Drew League was a success. Today, the second week of the Drew League continued with more excitement. College, High School and NBA players still can not participate until later on in the summer, but the action was very intense! NBA Veteran, Baron Davis, started off the day by scoring 31 points to lead Cheaters to a 76 -68 victory. La Familia brought out a large crowd today as they took on Hard Times. Anyone who saw last weeks game knew that it went down to a game winner within seconds of time expiring. Today, a very similar situation happened – Milk Harris and Frank Session came through to save their team at the end, winning by 2 points. There were also some interesting characters that showed up around the Drew League today – you’ll have to check out the pictures to see what went on! Check back Sunday for continued Week 02 action and check out the pictures below




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