Drew League: Week 01 Action Continues

Sunday was an ever bigger day for the opening weekend at the Drew League. Bobby Brown made his return this summer, but this time playing with Kings of LA. In a surprising twist of events, he received a double technical for a charge and was ejected from the game. Everyone was in doubt because it didn’t look questionable enough to be an ejection. Either way, he left the game early on. Shortly after, their coach was also ejected from frustration. Kings of LA came up short their first game, losing by 31.

The next game was the introduction of The Game’s team, La Familia, playing against Tradition. The gym was packed full of fans that came out to watch them play. As they went head on against Tradition, it seemed they were going to come up short their first game. Ryan Walton for Tradition was playing incredible, leaving anyone who tried to stop him unsuccessful. With seconds left on the clock, La Familia was down by 1. Franklin Session from La Familia took a step back jumper for 2, putting them in the lead. Tradition was not able to recover and La Familia won their first game of the season in a very close and exciting game!

Throughout the day other teams took the court, including the return of COA and Craig Smith. NBA All Star DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis made their way to the gym to support and watch the games. The 2-time Drew League champions, LAUNFD,  changed their name to The Clozers, winning their first game by 4. To see all the final game scores, you can check on the drew league website.

It was an exciting opening weekend at The Drew League and it promises to bring even more excitement and action in the following weeks. Make sure to stop by and check out a game!

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