The Game hosts private basketball run


One of the most popular questions basketball players around the Los Angeles ask over the summer is, where are the good runs at? High level competition with an exciting atmosphere. I’ve been to almost every open run you can think of in the greater Los Angeles area and I would have to say, the one hosted last night by The Game was the best. At a “Top Secret” location, there was nothing but beautiful mountains, colorful sunset and fresh air all around. As the players made their way to the court, the competition got intense right away. As most people know, The Game hosts 2 teams each summer in the Drew League. This run was not just for fun, but also a practice to get their team ready for the summer basketball.

The Drew League starts up May 17 and The Game will have two teams – La Familia and The Robinhood Project. Check out the photo gallery below, but stay tuned for video coming soon as well!




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