Clippers return to Staples Center for first time since Donald Sterling ban


The morning before the game 5 playoff between the Clippers and the Warriors, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that Clipper owner Donald Sterling would be fined 2.5 million dollars for his racist statements, along with a lifetime ban from any NBA related activities. Just hours after this news released, I headed down to staples center to see how the atmosphere was at the game. There were many fans outside protesting against Donald Sterling remaining the owner. Because many of the sponsors had also pulled out from working with the Clippers, there was a very different atmosphere – It was quiet and a bit sad before the game started. Before the players came out, we as fans were urged to stand as one and support these Clippers players who are out here fighting for a championship despite all of the controversy. The Clippers stated, “We Are One”. The fans really got up the energy which fed the players throughout the game. As the players continued to play well, it livened up the entire arena – ultimately resulting in a Win for the Clippers. They will be headed to Golden State to play game 6 of the series. Check out the video below for a recap






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