Cassy Athena takes pictures as an official NBA photographer

One of my dreams was to be a photographer in the NBA. I was given this opportunity by Fox Sports. I not only was documenting the experience of being at a LA Clippers home game, but Fox was also going to document my experience of shooting my first game. I had the most amazing time! I got to Staples Center a few hours before tip-off to make myself familiar with the venue and everything going on. Sitting on the floor under the basket was a surreal experience. Getting to look out at and see thousands of people was amazing. After my nerves calmed down, I felt right at place and in my element of shooting a basketball game. With the help of my friend DeAndre Jordan, I was able to capture one of the coolest pictures I’ve taken of him, Blake and Ronny on the bench. After the game I talked with DeAndre and Blake about my first time shooting a game and they were very supportive and took pictures to be apart of it as well! I look forward to being apart of more NBA events, it was great!



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